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2015 Shoe recycling campaign 3/24—4/30/15


 Goals of the campaign:

  • To divert 10,000 or more pairs of shoes from the landfill,
  • Reuse them by distributing them to local schools in need and to developing countries
  • Raise funds to support KACB programs and projects.

This campaign not only confirms our commitment to promoting environmental stewardship; it will also allow us to demonstrate good will towards others.  The shoes will be refurbished and disinfected then sent to local school students in need of shoes and to under-developed countries where the shoes will be welcomed.              

The KACB team will be seeking the support of area public & private schools, businesses, civic organizations, churches and dedicated individuals to collect shoes. 

  • Shoes should be gently used or new
  • All types of shoes are acceptable: baby, children, women and men
  • Work shoes, dress and sports shoes are all appreciated

KACB is asking participating groups who gather shoes to be sure that  

  • Shoes are counted
  • Paired shoes are either tied together or held together by a rubber band
  • Paired shoes are consolidated into large trash bags containing 25 pairs each.

Shoes should be collected from March 24 through April 30th
KACB will make arrangements to collect shoes from participating companies and schools on a will call basis.

For more information or a collection pick up, please contact Pat Imperato at 865-776-9248 or

KACB provides collection boxes, rubber bands, plastic bags to store shoes and wall posters

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