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ORHS Teachers and their Great Volunteer Spirit

Two Great Volunteers for Keep Anderson County Beautiful!   Keep Anderson County Beautiful is made up of an All Volunteer Board and all Volunteer Citizens in Anderson County.  Contact us if you want to help us Keep Anderson County Beautiful and "Greener and Cleaner"!

KACB at Norris Day

Keep Anderson County Beautiful had a very successful booth this July 4, 2014 at Norris Day in Norris Tennessee!   We promoted the Anti-Litter Message of KACB and our "Butts Wanted" Program to educate the citizens of Anderson County that cigarette butts are litter!   Butts may be small, but the litter from butts is a major litter issue across the nation!  Please Dispose of Cigarette Butts Properly.

Welcome New Board Members

I would like to welcome the new Board Members!   Thank you for attending the training session.  I will get with those of you that could not attend today.  Thanks-Pam


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