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Welcome New Board Members

I would like to welcome the new Board Members!   Thank you for attending the training session.  I will get with those of you that could not attend today.  Thanks-Pam


Norris Lake stakeholder's Education Committee

The Norris Lake Stakeholder’s Education Committee had a great meeting and we just wanted to fill you in on our ongoing projects. 

Outdoor Environmental Classrooms

Thanks to some wonderful volunteers and a grant from Lowes, KACB was able to give Dutch Valley and Fairview Elementary Schools each a new outdoor "Environmental Classroom" to facilitate environmental education in Anderson County. The ceremonies commemorating these two outdoor classrooms were held on November 22, 2012. A River Birch was planted at each site to honor three community volunteers: Geoff Trabalka, Gary Long, and Steve Forbes.

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Sack Pack Material Drive and Great American Clean-up

KACB is participating with local schools and organizations in the 4th annual Anderson County Sack Pack Material Drive the second week of April 2012.  The event is part of the Great American Clean-up as students are encouraged to recycle used toys, books, household goods and clothes.

Pictured from left are Leisa Fair, AC Schools; Larrissa Henderson, OR Schools; Pat Imperator, KACB; Ken Mayes, AMSE; and Stacy Stiles, Goodwill Industries Knoxville.


After School Litter Education

30 Lake City After School Students Learn About Litter and Recycling Taught by Pat Imperato lc

Outdoor Classroom Ribbon Cutting

November 22, 2012 Fairview Elementary School, 6715 Hickory Valley Rd. Heiskeill TN 965-494-7959 Dutch Valley Elementary School, 1044 Dutch Valley Road, Clinton, TN 865-457-2599 A River Birch was planted at each site to honor three community volunteers: Geoff Trabalka, Gary Long and Steve Forbes.


The Flyer Inviting the Press


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