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Organize A Clean Up


Contact: 865-264-0648

How to Organize a Neighborhood/Community Cleanup

Set A Date and Site for the Cleanup

  1. check out the site for safety issues and amount of waste anticipated to be picked up
  2. take before pictures
  3. establish a foul weather plan

Choose An Overall Project Coordinator

  1. select someone to sign up volunteers, collect cell phone numbers
  2. select people to oversee safety during the cleanup, especially if youth are involved

Obtain needed supplies (decide what you will supply and what volunteers are asked to bring)

  1. gloves (reusable or disposable
  2. trash bags
  3. litter grabbers
  4. shovels and rakes (only if needed)
  5. provide potable water especially in hot weather
  6. hand sanitizers for after the event
  7. if there is a post clean-up party, provide refreshments

Arrange for Collected Trash Removal

  1. if small amounts are collected, ask people to take it home
  2. if you expect large amounts of wet or messy trash, you’ll need to arrange for municipal pick up or have a commercial hauler take it

Notify local police, public works departments and if needed private property owners

Provide instructions to volunteers

  1. start and finish time and location. Subdivide groups and tasks, if needed. Two groups can work opposing sides of a street. Have groups work towards one another.
  2. specify supplies to bring or where to pick up supplies
  3. specify where to leave unused supplies and trash bags
  4. have clear safety rules, especially along heavily traveled routes, around water, and what NOT to pick up (hypodermics, dead animals, etc.). Use litter grabbers when going after litter in high grass.
  5. distribute cell phone numbers of organizers in case of emergency

Field Support

  1. Have someone designated to drive the route to check on volunteers, pick up filled bags, provide drinking water, take someone back to start point or to a bathroom.

Documentation of Event

  1. If it’s not possible to weigh collected waste, count number of bags collected (estimate 20 lbs. per bag collected)
  2. Provide number of volunteers participating
  3. Provide number of miles of road side, trails, waterways cleaned, acres of public land, number of illegal dumps, junk cars removed, and most unusual item collected.
  4. take pictures of volunteers working and site post-clean up
  5. report data to
  6. promote success of event in local media

Have a Clean Up After the Clean-Up Plan



Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited is having a cleanup along Hwy 441 in Norris this Saturday, Feb. 8th.

The cleanup will be held rain or shine.  Many hands make light work.  Meet at 9 a.m. at Island Home Baptist Church, Norris, Highway 441 near the River Road junction.  We will finish by lunchtime.  Doughnuts, coffee, safety vests and grabbers provided.  For more information, contact John Thurman, or 494-7771.

I would like to work with others to clean up Clinton Highway from the Anderson County line into Clinton.

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