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Norris Lake stakeholder's Education Committee


The Norris Lake Stakeholder’s Education Committee had a great meeting and we just wanted to fill you in on our ongoing projects. 

  • The Norris Lake signs are in the process of being installed at almost 30 locations (marinas and public launches) in all five counties.  I have attached a PDF of the sign. 
  • At the Leave no Trace Workshop in September, we received a request from the Norris Lake Coast Guard Auxiliary for a smaller version of the sign for them to give out.  I have attached a business card that will be available for the auxiliary club to distribute.  I have attached the file and will let you know when they are available. 
  • We will also be printing posters with the cleanup dates.
  • J. F. Griffin Publishing has graciously agreed to include a Public Service Announcement in the 2014 TWRA Fishing Regulations guide.  I have attached the draft.  In addition, they will promote our efforts on Facebook at and with press releases.  They are doing it all for free!!!
  • Also, the 2014 Norris Lake Marina Association Guide will include an advertisement for the March and September cleanups and the leave no trace  principles.   Thank you to the Norris Lake Marina Association for their partnership and dedication to KEEPING Norris Lake the best Lake!!!

The Education Committee is focusing on the following projects in 2014:

  • Creating and funding mailouts to people who own property/live on Norris Lake to promote the leave no trace principles and solicit their participation in the cleanups and other projects.
  • Focus on tree removal during the March cleanup.  The downed trees are clogging up coves and trapping trash.  The plan is to get volunteer tree cutting/removal crews to cut up the wood and stockpile it at camping sites on islands.  This will eliminate the need for campers to cut down trees.   This will be a massive undertaking so if you can assist in any way or you know of resources that we can utilize, please let me know.

Lastly, if you would like to join our committee, we meet on the last Tuesday of each month at 9:30 at my office, the Anderson County Welcome Center.  We will not meeting in December so our next meeting is January 31, 2014. 

Stephanie Wells, CTTP
Executive Director | Anderson County Tourism Council | Facebook | YouTube

115 Welcome Lane | Clinton, TN 37716
865-457-4547 | 865-659-8687 cell | 865-457-4545 fax

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