Save the date of July 10 for the Big Clinch River Cleanup

Save the date of July 10 for the Big Clinch River Cleanup—it’s back, slightly smaller than in the past, but back nonetheless.
The Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited, sponsor of the annual cleanup below Norris Dam, invites everyone who enjoys the Clinch to help remove litter from the river and its banks. Big Cleanup is supported by a grant from the Tennessee Valley Authority.
Due to the pandemic, the 2020 cleanup had to be canceled. This year, Big Cleanup’s size and scope are being reduced to keep everyone healthy, but as always it will start at the scenic Museum of Appalachia, 2819 Andersonville Highway, Norris. Details are still being worked out—watch this space for more information.
Changes to accommodate the pandemic include a smaller volunteer force; a yet-to-be-determined substitute for the breakfast buffet; and separate scheduling for the powerboat part of the event, which will be held in late summer or fall.
Volunteers work in several ways:

  • Above the water line, workers walk along riverside roads and through parking areas, gathering trash.
  • Volunteers wearing waders patrol for litter in shallow water.
  • In kayaks and canoes, volunteers work to clean shorelines and shallow water where there is no public access by road.
    Support for all the teams is supplied by volunteering emergency medical people, ham radio operators, waste disposal professionals and workers with trucks who collect and dispose of filled trash bags.

More details will be available soon, but reserve the date now.


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